Evora to Elvas by Bus

Both Evora and Elvas are situated in the dry plains of the Alentejo region but each city has its own unique attraction. Evora is an unhurried university city that was one of Portugal’s primary cities up until the 16th century while Elvas is a battle scarred boarder town that is encircled by some of the best fortifications found in Europe.

Both cities are ideal to combine in a tour of central Portugal and are connected by surprisingly good public transport. This guide will detail how to travel from Evora to Elvas by bus and will detail ticket prices, bus station information and a timetable.

Forte de Santa Luzia  Elvas

The Forte de Santa Luzia in Elvas

Evora to Elvas Travel Information

Elvas is 85 km to the east of Evora and the majority of the route follows the A6, the main express-way that connects Lisbon to Spain. Driving is by far the quickest and simplest method of travel and the toll express way is fast, safe with little traffic.

There is no longer a passenger train service between Evora and Elvas as this section of railway was decommissioned and not included in the upgrade program that improved the Lisbon to Evora route. The only option for visitors reliant on public transport is the intercity express bus services, which are of an excellent standard.

Elvas to Evora by Bus

The Elvas to Evora bus service is operated by Rede Expressos who provide a punctual, inexpensive and fast bus service. The price of an adult ticket costs €12.00 and a return costs €21.50. The bus journey is 1 hour 40 minutes, which means it unsuitable to visit Elvas as a day trip from Evora.

Elvas bus

The intercity buses are modern, clean and safe

Tickets can be purchased from three sources; Central de Camionagem de Evora (Evora bus station), Central de Camionagem de Elvas (Elvas bus station) or over the internet at www.rede-expressos.pt. Tickets from the website can be bought up to 30 days in advance but no alterations can be made to the tickets once purchased.

Evora and Elvas Bus Stations

Elvas bus station, called the Central de Camionagem de Elvas, is to the south of the historic town, just off the Rua do Rossio do Meio and next to the hospital. Elvas bus station is nicely situated for visitors party way between the main walled town to the north and the Forte de Santa Luzia to the south. Often buses to Elvas stop at the main square the Praça de Abril 25 before terminating in the bus station, this square is within the city walls on the western side of the city.

Elvas bus station

Elvas bus station is modern

The bus station in Evora is on the western side of the city, situated between the Avenue Túlio Espanca (N114), the Avenida Sâo Sebastiâo and the Cemetery of Evora. From the bus station it is less than 200m walk east to the western side of the city walls.

Why Visit Elvas?

Elvas has a significantly less developed tourist industry than Evora but this adds to the charm of the sun scorched, war battered city and is a worthy destination after visiting Evora. Once visitors have finished in Elvas there are good bus services back to Lisbon (for information click here) and this means that Elvas can be incorporated in a tour of the region for those visitors who are reliant on public transport.


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